The UMTS Spectrum

The UMTS implementation of W-CDMA consists of a pair of 5MHz frequency band, for the uplink, this band sits in the 19000 MHz range, and for the downlink, the 2100 MHz range. CDMA2000 uses one or more 1.25MHz bands, for each direction of communication, with this in mind, UMTS is often criticised for its large bandwidth requirements. TS use 1885-2025MHz for the upstream channel and 2110-2220MHz for the downstream channel.

Existing operators who are still using the GSM network, upgrading and implementation of UMTS is relatively simple, but entails relatively large cost. Most of the GSM infrastructure stays the same, but the main cost comes from purchasing spectrum licences. The only cost that rivals this is the cost of implementation the UMTS upgrades at the base stations.