UMTS Features

Common belief is that UMTS can support 2Mbit/s, although its actually a maximum of 1920kbits/s, even then this is a very generous figure, most users should expect performance of 384kbits/s, this is due to distance, and load on the network. Even though, this is still a vast improvement over the 14.4kbits/s, or 28.8kbits/s currently supported by GSM networks. With speed comes lower cost, users can expect lower cost per MegaByte.

The current networks, 2G, have evolved to 2.5G; 2.5G refers to GSM networks with General Packet Radio Service, or GPRS. GPRS supports up to 140.8kbit/s, although real world figures are closer to 56kbits/s, another advantage is that it is a packet based technology, rather than connection based, and the easy evolution from GSM to GPRS enabled networks means its available where most GSM networks are, the cost per MegaByte though is still expensive.