UMTS in the USA

In the USA, AT&T was required to build UMTS systems in four of America’s major cities by the end of 2004. This requirement came from a previous contract with NTT DoCoMo. By July, AT&T completed this criterion by installing UTMS networks (or a variation - UMTS 1900) in Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Phoenix, San Diego, and Dallas.

There has also been a combination of 3G and Wi-Fi products developed, where Laptop or PDA users use a UMTS modem, a Wi-Fi Adaptor, and a piece of software. This software sense the available networks and switches between them, if a Wi-Fi connection is available, the software will connect to that, should Wi-Fi not be available, the UMTS is selected. Original feeling was that Wi-Fi was a competitor with UMTS, but it is now seen as a cooperation between standards which help the struggle against fast, wireless global roaming.